None can deny the fact that we have undesirable conditions of life and work. But that does not put a stop to a Poet’s pen. It is true that our output, income and levels of living are low. We have very many modes of productions, attitudes and behaviors that are detrimental. Orthodoxy in education is still running in almost all institutions. Underutilized man power and natural resources. Unutilized potential for growth all this and more we face as a Nation but this doesn’t mean that it is all we are. We are much more. It is important to step out and look at the beauty that may be overshadowed by an ugly outwear
A Nation needs to realize that unless she celebrates herself, embraces her people and culture, praise her nature and respects her ecology, No other Nation will do it for her.
I thus, despite the dust took a moment to praise my Nation. To thank her for mothering me. For where can I go and not boldly introduce myself as a Ugandan?
Where can I go and not talk about the 256 blood flowing in my veins?

The thump! Thump! of my heart like water waves on Lake Nalubale and Omugga Kirra

How can I forget how the equator makes me feel equatorial?

On such a day, I was honored to share this poem with delegates from the Health Sector and student of Health and Social sciences of Makerere University.

I silently hum about my home.
The home where I belong
Sacredly woven
Beyond imagination
Strategically situated
Beyond expression.
Stars and moon stand in owe at my home’s beauty
Uganda is beyond mark.

Looking east or west,
Uganda is always the best
A pearl and a crest
Roses and lilies of the valleys
A crest crane in communion with peacocks

All year around, Rain does fall
All year round, on the sky the sun stands tall
Breeze, fresh and cool
Always feels like swimming in a water pool.
Lake Victoria,
A mother water source
River Nile
The father water source
Are married here in Uganda

Why the Pearl?
Uganda is a home within a home
Landlocked yet wealthy with natural resources
A palace of races
Races that bind and bond with grace
Adverse cultures
Past, present and the future
Come to the centre

As the sun wakes up in the East,
People of Uganda invite her on a feast.
My home has people so happy.
With stretched out hands, they receive you.
They treat you on a meal of garden food
And train you into the culture with magic hands.
They make you happy with magic voices.
Uganda is home like none
The pearl of Africa

Parks parked with so much
To enchant your eyes.
Wild of all kind
Crawling, walking, and jumping flying and swimming.
Your ears are taken on an expedition.
To taste the sound of nature.
Chatters and Squeaks,
Croaks and bleats
Growls and roars
Closing down the jungle

My home Uganda
Is a home beyond my wishes
A gift, I cannot stop thanking God for.
A book that I won’t stop reading
Uganda, we always stand to say
For God and my Country.