Invisible bruises.

The invisible bruises on our face mask
remind me of how bitter the course of the task
and the bloodshed labor they took
To free us from colonization.
Like milk from a zebra cow,
everyone is lured to purchase it.
But time topples, for we need somethin’ to eat
My neighbor was once a colony
and I a protectorate.
As the loot went flowery decorated
Now both of us are coron[ies]
and must wear a mask with invisible bruises.
We used to collect in circles around
For the coin has changed.
Our inner circle are family members
breeding the feeling of fear-
a deposit of depression.
Our hands taste bitter to reach mouth.
The waters. . .
Like gold it’s so precious for our fingers
as in our homes, life is in silent bomb
The bitterness of nothing for a bite
And a “must wear mask” with invisible bruises.
We live every moment hiding far from life.
Today or tomorrow we are all on time count.
Fresh air now travels with death.
This world is no longer away from home
but we must hold onto faith.
This might be a fate for all evil of humanity.
it’s just our sanity
So we must seek another sanctity.
For human kind to resurrect for a new sanctuary
A world free from face mask invisible bruises

Literature Genre: Poetry.

Collaboration with:

Yele Nob.

A writer and a Poet hailing from Gulu. He is a writer at http://Northern Uganda Writers Forum. (NUWFU).

A member of http://International African Writers Association.

He as well holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Gulu University.

Kennedy Shabughangise III

Is a Writer, Poet and a Teacher.

He is also a member of http://International African Writers Association.

A prolific Poet whose social media account blooms with Poetry that speaks of society and questions the state of man, individually, and intensions toward society and nature.

A graduate of English language and Literature from Kyambogo University.

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