Colony of Mental Lockdown.

I could pretend to be asleep.
And have my eyes closed-
Yet deep inside I am awake.
My eyes are those of an owl
Wide and wild.
I feel the thump! Thump! of your heart beat.
I listen to every note of your snore.
As the stillness of sooty darkness
clouds me.
I am awake,
My mind navigates to tomorrow.
For I know , I’ll rise to another Gospel of sorrow.
The headline that morning is to read another case.
And maybe tomorrow,
we shall have a death case.
As the monster strolls another phase.
There those, from planet Earth erase[d].
It’s a mental lock down
When we think hard as a rhino’s horn.
When we question why we were born.
When we realize from inside we are torn.
Everyday is a matter of survive.
We don’t know who to turn to
For revival.
Is it the politicians?
They are too busy to think about the civilians.
They have meetings to attend to.
And budget for the Nation too
Perhaps the religious leaders.
They are too busy praying, repenting
The end times is now more than near.
Some, on tithe and offering they prey.
They claim to be seers.
Is it the doctors?
They too, are weary of their lives.
“We practically plan and god fulfills”
Is all they say.
Is it the teachers?
They are waiting for a proper pay
To add a revival subject on the curriculum.
Perhaps we turn to the West.
But already, it’s their[s] we give a test.
Where the monster came from,
We are advised to keep social distance.
And social distance we keep.
Our lives virtually seen through the periscope of media.
“Brand new second hand” is the main criteria.
We walk about with face masks
In a bid to fight against [ND] spread of the monster.
Yet deep, we know, it’s a fight against police brutality.
We resemble judges with pale white wigs
Clumsily sat in their head.
We’now watchful of our neighbor
Not to lend a hand
But to immediately stay away for fear of contraction.
It’s a mental lock down brother
Don’t want to see what eyes see
It’s a mental lock down sister
Don’t want to hear what ears hear.
The well off seem not want to bother.
Down town people cry to be free.
All of them person[s] shed tears[s]
For all of them people to HEAR.
That this mental lockdown spreads FEAR.

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