This is a short dual act between a shopkeeper and customer. The customer desires something that he is shy about to ask the shopkeeper. He therefore teases the shopkeeper.

Genre: Community drama

Type: Short dual act for community

Length: 2 minutes maximum

Actors: Majors. Man. A girl

Ages of actors: Mid to late youth

Set: Simple – an ordinary Retail Shop.

(A middle aged man stares into the shop. His eyes survey the commodities displayed at the upmost corner. Just a few seconds, a young girl in her late youthful years rises up. She wears a red veil that runs down to her chest and the rest of the body is hidden by the wooden counter table.)

Customer: Eh! Where is he?
Shopkeeper: He is not around Sir!
He left me to help him.
Customer: I want him; I don’t think you can work on me.
Where has he gone?
Shopkeeper: Ask for what you want Sir and I will work on you.
Customer: You cannot work on me.

You are just a girl.
Shopkeeper: But Sir, I have been here since morning.
I have worked on many customers.
Customer: You girl, I am not “many customers”
It is not morning.
Where is he?
Shopkeeper: Sir, I said ask for what you want and I sell to you
Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for him.
I don’t think he is about to come back.
Customer:. Okay small girl.
Give me those things.
Wrap them in a paper as well.
Shopkeeper: What things Sir?
Customer:. Foolish girl, I told you.
You cannot work on me.
Shopkeeper: But what things Sir?

(A young boy seemingly in his teenage years comes from behind the customer, He holds on his head a box. He puts it down with a sigh of relief and rushes in to pick the small box. Wraps into an old newspaper and hands it to the customer.)

Customer:. (Excitedly)
There you are!
I told her she cannot work on me and she was insisting.
Quick! get me my things and I go.
For I have wasted a lot of time here.
My appetite is soon dwindling.

(He walks away making long strides)

Shopkeeper: So he wanted Life Guard!
If it is his life he is guarding,
Why does he find it shameful to request for Life guard?
Better still, Condom.
How many of such customers do you get brother?

~ Ende~

Comedy Type:

Comedy Skits

Author’s Message
It is fine to put this script into a video, provided you let me know you’re doing so, and I get credit for it, and send me the link of the final cut! Apologies if there are any mistakes in the script I often write these late at night and don’t proofread a lot.


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