Seeing sun. . .

As the sun creeps over the hill,
Over buildings gazing in a maze
Carrying with her a basket
Of solitude
Yet amidst is multitude of faces.
Amidst is an unhappy darkness

Crimson rays of solitude scattered by bird songs.
Golden as they highlight the leaves
Trees shake, some quake and rustle with the evening breeze
Clouds lesser white than cotton make skips across and on the sky
Each and every new dusk is quite exceptional when nature wakes and speaks.

5 thoughts on “Seeing sun. . .

  1. I have always wanted to bestly explain how beutiful sunrise and
    Sunset is ….but here we go…this piece is just “fantabulous” Kitaka…u walked on mind and beyond on poetically explaining about it


  2. Beautiful work.
    I love its brevity
    The beauty of the picture is reduced by the appearance of those electricity wires, unless of course they symbolize the ELECTRIFYING effect of the amazing African sunrise and sunset in the sky

    Great Work, Brother

    Liked by 1 person

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