Echoes from a foreign land…

Report on a strange dream received. Excerpt from my book of dreams

Once upon a time. . .
When the waters formed streams curving and were
confined at the back of slopes of mountains
full of life. . .
When children danced naked in the rain
. . . and brothers and sisters sung in the sun
. . . and fathers and mothers flourished
. . .and the fields bloomed green
From a distance,
a thing was heard
philosophical a sound.
It let loose demons in the course of its melodic parody.
Compeling humble spirits to servitude in a bamboo shrub of lonely men
inhalation of nastiness through thier nostrils
Fumbling with exotic lyrics of melancholy
. . . Sickening to the ear like a mosquito whisper
. . . Stinking to the nose like a yawning egg past its prime hatch.
. . .Symphonies of famished children in Nakivale
A mysterious kind of diarrhea

When a group of cockroaches perverted the justice
. . . and order of fair governance
. . .and nurtured disgust in the hands of fore fathers.
Bush doctors digging up cowrishells and confusing charms.
greedy lighting rods in the heaven hand of Mukajanga.
Pointing towards the East in search for some buried knowledge among the stars
A seemingly serious kind of pain torturing the humble rhythm,
Of the waters streaming.
Leaving it in scars.

22 thoughts on “Echoes from a foreign land…

  1. I love the imagery. It is very vivid. I resonate with the visuals. The language and the general theme and tone is clearly potrayed


  2. This is a good piece. I like the use of imagery to encrypt political innuendo. I like it. Looking forward to the next.


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